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The charm is invited to your wedding table for a delicious moment.

12-piece appetizer, appetizer buffet, main dish and cheese served at the table and dessert buffet

The aperitif on the tray

Goat honey-rosemary lollipop, beet jelly

Buckwheat-smoked salmon mille-feuille

Macaron foie gras and hazelnut from Piedmont

Square coriander poultry and coriander petal

Mini Pan Bagnat revisited

Marshmallow with peanuts and salted nougatine

Beef Maki Gravlax

Mini bruschetta with Parma and mozzarella

Shortbread thyme, eggplant cream vegetables hot

Croque mushrooms, Comté, Parma

Accras (cod donuts and chives)

Tempura of feta with fresh mint

Small mouthful with meat, basil and pine nuts


Aubergine / eggplant au gratin "parmesane style"

The real "P'tits farçun Nissarda"

Scottish Red Label Salmon, smoked at home, finely sliced and blinis

French toast with foie gras and onion confit


Supreme guinea fowl with foie gras, Fregola Sarde, small glazed vegetables, real poultry juice


Veal medallion in herb crust, old Parmesan rice, frozen vegetables, strong juice


Fresh salmon cooked at low temperature, venerated rice with shallots, vegetable chips, sesame espuma


Brie de Meaux, Comté AOC, goat's cheese, mesclun and jam of the moment


Fresh goat's cheese from the Var top, market garden arugula and olive oil

The bakery: Paris baguette, bread with green olives and cereals


Tradition: Our mounted piece, decorated with nougatine

And the individual gourmet pieces: lemon tart, Paris Brest, extra-bitter chocolate, café-tonka ...

And our creations: tiramisu revisited, praline and almond rice pudding, crème brûlée on orange confit

And skewers of fresh fruit.